The band has come a long way from its beginnings to this day, from self-released EPs to platinum records, from small bar gigs to large venues around the world, from a trio to a quartet, from ambitious young musicians to accomplished and fulfilled artists!

Keane's story is rich in emotion, always with a twist. Tim Rice-Oxley (piano), Tom Chaplin (vocals, guitar), Richard Hughes (drums) and Jesse Quin (bass) know how to make sparks fly. After surfing on a wave of success, the band members are now more in tune with each other, and the watchword is having fun, without knowing what's next.

In 2024, the band will be celebrating "Hopes and Fears", and will be back on stage to celebrate its success, 20 years ago!

The band's story began in 1997 with a group of friends in Battle, southern England. After a difficult first few years, the tide turned in 2002 when they were spotted by independent label Fierce Panda, who signed them to their first contract. The first single, "Everybody's changing", was released, followed by "This is the last time", to positive reviews. This led to more radio play and concerts, and the band was signed to Universal's Island label. 2004 was the year of consecration for Keane, with the release of the album "Hopes and Fears", which brought them success in the UK and around the world. With a steady stream of requests and tours, everything was looking up for the band.

Without taking the time to catch their breath, Keane released their second album "Under the iron sea" in 2006, whose darker touch echoed the difficult times Keane were going through at the time, linked to singer Tom Chaplin's drug problems. Subsequent tours and singles production were affected, but the band managed to turn things around and ended 2007 with a triumphant arena tour of the UK. This time around, the band took time out to rest, and 2 years later released their third album, Perfect Symmetry.

This uncomplicated third album surprised fans and critics alike, but ushered in a much happier period for the band, who toured the world in the years following its release. This period ends with the release of the experimental maxi "Night train", a collection of tracks and collaborations made during this period, giving a bric-a-brac feel to this mini-album released in 2010.

After several years as a three-piece, Tim, Tom and Richard were joined by Jesse Quin on bass. Starting out as a simple collaboration, the chemistry developed and Jesse finally officially joined the band. So it's the 4 of them who continue to write the new pages in Keane's history.

In 2012, they release their 4th studio album, entitled "Strangeland"... 4 years after the previous album "Perfect Symmetry"! A break that sounds like a return to their roots for the band, both personally and musically. The rediscovered piano-pop melodies both reconcile die-hard fans and win over new hearts around the world. Keane continues to distill the indescribable pleasure that comes with every listen!

In 2013, the band released its first Best-Of album and went on a short tour. But the quartet is a bit out of breath. Jesse became a father for the second time, Tom wanted to release a solo album... So it was by mutual agreement that the band decided to take a "long break", in order to develop their personal and artistic lives.

After long years of uncertainty, sailing their separate ways, the group seems to have broken up for good. But that's without counting the ties that keep them going. They reunited for a concert at Battle in 2018. Shortly before, Tim shared with them songs he had written, inspired by his painful divorce. It didn't take much for the pleasure of playing together to be rekindled, and the seeds of Cause And Effect to be planted. September 2019 sees the release of the band's 5th album, followed by a tour of the UK, Europe, Latin America and North America, unfortunately cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic. This album marks the start of a second phase in the band's history, less dense, more spontaneous and more in tune with their life as fathers.


Born on 8 March 1979

Tom is a childhood friend of Tim's, and in 1997 he joined the Lotus Eaters trio (Tim, Richard and Dominic Scott), as guitarist and singer. He will keep Keane's microphone, and we know the rest...

In addition to guitar and vocals, he also plays piano and organ on some live tracks.

Loud and joking, Tom knows how to set the mood on stage and backstage. His voice and his jackets always dazzle us. His introverted nature has unfortunately led him down darker paths of drug and alcohol addiction, notably in 2006 and 2015. 

In 2016, he released his first solo album "The Wave", inspired by his difficult path to sobriety. In 2017 he also released a Christmas album entitled "Twelve Tales of Christmas".

He is sometimes active on Instagram or Twitter, where he posts a few jokes, or gets angry at trolls, depending on the mood. A doting father, he remains discreet about his private life, but his passion for golf and his love for his home are no longer a secret.

After a few years, the voice of Keane has become more mature, more confident, and sounds more fulfilled than ever!

Born on 8 September 1975

Richard met Tom, Tim and Dominic at Tonbridge School in Kent. Colour-blind from birth, he was a secretary at the BBC and a geography teacher before the group's success.

He is the drummer for Keane, but any fan of the band would tell you "more than that". Down to earth and infinitely kind, Richard is Keane's "customers service", always friendly and available off stage, and with an excellent memory!

Very active on social networks, especially Twitter, he communicates on many things. A coffee lover, cat lover, cyclist, climber, photographer, he is also an active member of Amnesty International and follows politics closely.

He became a father in 2016. Over the years, he has remained true to himself and has not lost any of his talents. A "gem", as they would say.

Born on 3 September 1981

With a mother who is a singer and a father who is a sound engineer, Jesse was immersed in the world of music from an early age.

In 2007, Jesse was a sound technician during Keane's tours and a member of another band, "Jesse Quin & The Mets". It was at a War Child concert in November of that year that Jesse joined the band on stage to play "Under Pressure", a song requiring a bass player.

This was the first of many concerts. He will indeed continue to accompany the band during the creation and the concerts of Perfect Symmetry and Night Train, before officially joining the band on... February 3rd 2011 !

A talented musician (he sings, and plays guitar, synth, bass, and probably more!), Jesse is appreciated from the beginning by the trio for his artistic contribution, but also his humour and mischievousness which bring freshness and novelty in the stressful atmosphere of Keane's dazzling success. It was therefore natural that Keane would become a quartet, long before they were officially integrated.

In 2010, he formed the country/folk influenced band Mt Desolation with Tim and other musicians, which produced two albums: "Mt Desolation" (2010) and "When The Night Calls" (2018).

Jesse is also the founder of an arts centre, located on an abandoned US Air Force base in southern England: Old Jet.

A father of two, Jesse is a keen photographer and regularly posts on Instagram.

Over the years, Jesse has been an integral part of the group, finding his place as a talent and an indispensable friend.

Born June 2, 1976

Growing up in Kent, Tim met Richard at school and formed the Lotus Eaters trio in 1995. Shortly afterwards, the band integrated his childhood friend Tom Chaplin, and became Keane! As you may have guessed, Tim was the mainstay who brought the band together in the early days. Preferring him to Coldplay's piano, he composed a lot for the band and shaped Keane's "signature" sound, right up to the famous track "Somewhere Only We Know", which led them to success.

With his stirring melodies and profound lyrics, Tim is capable of spending days and nights in front of his piano.

His relationship with Tom has been a rollercoaster ride that has shaped and guided the band's history, from the hope and admiration of Hopes and Fears, to the hard times of Under The Iron Sea, the freshness of Perfect Symmetry's reunion, the nostalgia of Strangeland, and finally the loneliness and hope of Cause and Effect.

In 2010, he formed Mt Desolation, a project also involving Jesse. Three albums will come out of this collaboration: "Mt Desolation" (2010), "When The Night Calls" (2018), and "Through Crooked Aim" (2022).

Divorced with two children, a keen runner, climber and lover of literature, Tim posts some of his encounters and discoveries on Instagram.

A complete artist, self-taught, discreet, but with a boundless thirst for creation, Tim has put a lot of effort into pushing Keane to the top, bringing others together on this beautiful path, despite all the ups and downs of life.