Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Symmetry

Art Cover
« The basic pattern is a combination of ideas - namely the decidedly imperfect symmetry that's one of the main themes of the album, and the design concepts of the Bauhaus movement that we fell in love with while we were recording in Berlin. Looking through the gaps in the pattern you can see glimpses of sculptures of us specially made by the brilliant Korean artist Osang Gwon. » (Tim)

  1. Spiralling
  2. The lovers are losing
  3. Better than this
  4. You haven’t told me anything
  5. Perfect symmetry
  6. You don’t see me
  7. Again and again
  8. Playing along
  9. Pretend that you’re alone
  10. Black burning heart
  11. Love is the end

International release date : 13 octobre 2008 (10 octobre en Belgique et Suisse, 17 novembre en France)
USA/Canada release date : 14th October 2008

Notes : The album reached number 1 of UK charts the first week of its release.