Hopes and Fears

Hopes and Fears

The objects on the cover of Hopes and Fears are piano hammers in allusion to the band's characteristic piano sound. The many different versions of the album can be distinguished by the colour of the artwork. The original UK version has a dark green cover, the European version a black one, the US version white; the international version has a red-brown scheme, and the Japanese version is blue.

The typeface selected for this album was the font "Cochin", designed originally in 1912.

International release date : 10th May 2004 (14th September 2004 in France)
USA/Canada release date : 25 May 2004

Notes : The album reached number 1 of UK charts the first week of its release.
By December 2004, the album had sold over 2 million copies. "Hopes and Fears" went gold (100,000 copies sold) in its first 3 months on the market (source).
Top album chart (France): 5th, from 16/04/2005 to 23/04/2005.

Numerous versions of this album have been released over the years.

PRE-Hopes and Fears (2003)